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Complete Design and Engineering Services, Fabrication, Assembly & Industrial Controls.


Since 1970, Rother Machine has designed and built specialty equipment and machines to 

fill our customers specific and unique needs.

We pride ourselves in making

our customers job easier by

taking their project from

concept to completion.


Machine Manufacturing: From Design Concept To Completion

Manufacturing requires a company to produce its products swiftly and accurately. Preciseness is aligned to the constraints of the client and/or consumers. Read more...

Welding Joints

At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we are experts in many processes concerning equipment development and fabrication, including welding. This simple process of joining two or more pieces of metal together dates back to the middle ages. Read more...

Machine Repair and Maintenance

If you have large pieces of equipment, eventually, you will have to arrange for repairs and replacements. In fact, no matter how small or large your machine may be, or how durable, this state of affairs is inevitable. Read more...

Custom Fabrication: Producing Distinctive Components

Fabrication (Fab) is an essential ingredient for today's manufacturing concerns. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we employ diverse technology to produce everyday components for a variety of industries. Read more...