Machine Vision Systems

At Rother Machine, we work with a variety of types of equipment and materials across many industries. When you are working with manufacturing equipment, it is important to ensure that the product being built is sound throughout the entire production process. In order to monitor your manufacturing process, you may want to consider machine vision systems. Machine vision systems are robust cameras that connect to a software designed for quality control. Also known as automated optical inspection, machine vision systems can take pictures and measurements throughout the manufacturing process, and divert any products that do not meet the quality standards set in the design. A simple example of this could be an assembly line or machine building a product. Since the software is programmed to visually look and compare the results to a known standard, the machine vision systems would detect if a part is missing or not built to your standard, and allow you to divert the product before it is fully packaged and shipped.


We utilize both Cognex and Keyence vision systems in our equipment. Rother Machine can also retrofit these systems onto your current manufacturing equipment to achieve the quality standards set by your company.


With our staff of industry professionals, Rother Machine can install and service machine vision systems for manufacturers in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area.


With our precision in-house manufacturing practices and industry-friendly staff, we are able to provide machine vision system services with the reliability and repeatability our clients expect. We understand the complexities of many pieces of equipment and machinery needed in your industry, and how having a robust and reliable machine vision system can be essential for the quality of your product and the operation of your business. From initial concept to the end of manufacturing, Rother Machine provides you with the transparency, timeliness, and quality your business needs.