Welding Services

Welding Services

Offering an assortment of welding services, Rother Machine provides its customers services they can trust for a variety of equipment and machinery. Essential to the structure and rigidity of machines, weldments are the foundational basis for a machine’s frame, giving it the stability needed for optimal use. Being the framework from which your design is built off of, welding and weldments are an essential part of our in-house design and manufacturing process.


In order to fulfill the needs of a variety of industries, Rother Machine provides welding services for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel machine frames, fabricated pipe and tube weldments, platforms and stairs, tubular steel weldments, and specialized pallet racking stands. Our in-house manufacturing and design staff ensure that every weld has the strength and stability your equipment or machinery needs—an essential step in our design and manufacturing processes. We serve many companies and industries throughout the Twin Cities metro area and beyond!

The Rother Machine Difference

At Rother Machine, our staff of industry professionals will provide you with the transparency, understanding, and timeliness needed to complete your project. We pride ourselves in our ability to seamlessly transition a project from initial concept to product completion and will guide you through each step of the manufacturing process. As a trusted partner in the metal fabrication industry for nearly 50 years, we understand the complexities associated with the equipment and machinery needed in many industries. Our team of professionals live for the challenge of designing and producing pieces on a daily basis and will bring you the results your project needs. For more information, or to request a free quote, please contact Rother Machine at 651-437-2423.