Wire EDM

Wire EDM

If your project calls for the shaping of a hard metal that is resistant to traditional metal fabrication techniques, then the process of wire EDM offered at Rother Machine may be the answer for you. Electric Discharge Machining or EDM is a process in which metals are shaped through the use of electric current. In order to ensure the greatest accuracy, the wire’s currents are mapped out through our computerized numerical control (CNC) systems. By combining the even heat distribution of wire EDM techniques with the precision of CNC processes, we are able to provide our customers with extremely high precision shapes that are not attainable with other machining methods.


In order to accommodate a variety of metals in our metal fabrication process, Rother Machine utilizes many CNC techniques, including the CNC wire EDM. If your project design calls for the shaping and cutting of even an exceptionally hard metal, then we have you covered. Our team of industry experts is capable of fulfilling all your project needs, through our computer assisted design and computerized numerical control practices. We work with a variety of companies and fields, including the electrical, medical, and automotive industries. Whether you are looking to fine-tune a piece of equipment, or fabricate an entire piece of machinery, our in-house production facility will allow the process to flow smoothly and in accordance with your exact specifications.

The Rother Machine Difference

At Rother Machine, our staff of industry professionals will provide you with the transparency, understanding, and timeliness needed to successfully fulfill your project needs. We understand the complexities associated with the equipment and machinery needed in many industries, and live for the challenge of designing and producing pieces on a daily basis. For more information, or to request a free quote, please contact Rother Machine at 651-437-2423.