Industrial Control Panels

Electric Panel Building Services

At Rother Machine, we work with a variety of types of equipment and materials across many industries. Of our many capabilities, one that may not come to mind right away is our electrical panel building services. Electrical panel building involves designing a panel around the exact specifications and regulations of the equipment being worked on, meaning electrical panel builders must be precise as possible, making sure the all operations of the machine is done according to industry code. At Rother Machine, we are a UL listed/certified panel builder.


Having a robust staff of industry professionals, Rother Machine has electrical paneling builders capable of installing electrical paneling on your equipment with unmatched quality and precision. Considering the risks of heavy weight industrial equipment malfunctioning, it is vital that every functioning piece is reliable and safe, including the electrical panels that regulate operation. Given our numerous capabilities in the metal fabrication industry, our electrical paneling building services allow us to truly take your project from design to production, making sure every aspect of the equipment’s functionality is sound.

Our Services

With our precision in-house manufacturing practices and industry-friendly staff, we are able to provide electrical paneling building services with the reliability and repeatability our clients expect. We understand the complexities of many pieces of equipment and machinery needed in your industry, and enjoy the challenge of successfully completing a project to your exact specifications. From initial concept to the end of manufacturing, Rother Machine provides you with the transparency, timeliness, and quality your business needs.