CNC Milling

CNC Milling

By utilizing computerized numerical controls, the CNC milling process at Rother Machine allows our clients to fine tune the size and shape of various pieces of equipment. Employing a computer for the milling process, we are able to improve throughput and provide a consistent and repeatable product for our clients. From initial concept to the CNC milling process itself, our team of experts in both engineering and manufacturing ensure that every step of the process is efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the client.


Having highly skilled machinists with a wide range of expertise, Rother Machine is able to provide you with both vertical and horizontal milling services. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to work with a range of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple parts to the design and manufacturing of full pieces of machinery. Having experience in a variety of industries, including computer technology, automotive, and electrical industries, our staff is knowledgeable and capable of fulfilling a variety of needs for some of the top companies in the Twin Cities Area.

Our Services

With our precision in-house manufacturing practices and industry-friendly staff, we are able to provide CNC milling services with the reliability and repeatability our clients expect. We understand the complexities of many pieces of equipment and machinery needed in your industry, and enjoy the challenge of successfully completing a project to your exact specifications. From initial concept to the end of manufacturing, Rother Machine provides you with the transparency, timeliness, and quality your business needs.