Assembly Services

Assembly Services

If your company is seeking services beyond simply manufacturing, then Rother Machine’s in-house assembly offers the total package. Working with your project from initial design to completion, we specialize in both the fabrication of components and the assembly of entire systems of machinery. By streamlining the design, manufacturing, and assembly process, Rother Machine ensures that those working on your equipment have a deep understanding of how it works and will provide the highest quality service throughout the entire process.


Working with a variety of industries, both large and small, in the Twin Cities metro area, we are able to provide in-house design, manufacturing, and assembly services that are unmatched by other metal fabrication companies. Our staff of industry professionals offers you peace of mind, knowing they are working within your timeline, budget, and project specifications. Whether your project calls for an added piece of equipment or an overhaul of your entire system of machines, each step of the manufacturing process is precise and interconnected, allowing for a fluid connection between design, fabrication, and assembly.

The Rother Difference

At Rother Machine, we pride ourselves in our ability to seamlessly transition a project from initial concept to product completion, and assembly is a key part of that transition. Having been a trusted partner in the metal fabrication industry for nearly 50 years, we tackle the complexities associated with customers’ equipment and machinery needs on a daily basis. Our team of professionals lives for the challenge of designing and producing pieces and will bring you the results your project needs. For more information, or to request a free quote, please contact Rother Machine at 651-437-2423.