CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Through the use of computerized controls, the CNC machining processes at Rother Machine give our clients precision and customizability when in need of milling, turning, welding, or metal fabrication. Through the use of computer software in the design and manufacturing process, we are able to provide a CNC machining service that is unmatched by anything done by hand. Whether you need a complex shape or cut, the computer aided design process provides total confidence that your equipment will be manufactured according to your exact specifications. We work with a variety of CNC mills to ensure that your product can be produced with the repeatability and reliability your company needs.


From initial concept to the CNC machining process itself, our team of industry professionals makes sure that every aspect of the manufacturing process is carried out with a great attention to detail and professionalism. By utilizing computer aided design and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we provide our milling, turning, welding, and metal fabrication services to a variety of clients across many industries in the Twin Cities metro area, including computer technology, automotive, and medical industries. We can handle anything from prototyping a single component, to the full design and manufacturing of machinery, our CNC machining process will provide a seamless transition from design to production.

The Rother Machine Difference

At Rother Machine, our staff of industry professionals will provide you with the transparency, understanding, and timeliness needed to successfully fulfill your project needs. We understand the complexities associated with the equipment and machinery needed in your industry, and enjoy the challenge of successfully completing a project to your exact specifications.