Fabrication Services


From traditional services such as milling and turning, to computerized EDM fabrication, Rother Machine offers a variety of metal fabrication services across many industries. Customers are given the freedom of customization throughout the process of designing and manufacturing their equipment or machinery. At Rother machine, we understand that the fabrication of your equipment and machinery is both complicated and critical to the functioning of your company’s business. For this reason, we combine our many in-house manufacturing capabilities with computer-assisted design to provide the highest quality service possible.


By utilizing our in-house CNC milling, turning, welding, and electrical discharge machining practices, along with our Laser/Brake and Waterjet cutting partners, Rother Machine is able to provide metal fabrication services to a variety of industries in the Twin Cities metro area. Our veteran staff knows all of the manufacturing best practices, and will base their fabrication method on our client’s specific design and specifications. Our computer aided design practices provide a seamless transition from concept to production, and our staff of industry professionals will guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

The Rother Machine Difference

For companies seeking the highest quality metal fabrication services, Rother Machine combines the cutting-edge manufacturing technology with a staff of professionals, eager to bring a number of complicated projects into fruition. As a trusted partner in the metal fabrication industry for nearly 50 years, we understand the complexities associated with the equipment and machinery needed in many industries, and work diligently to ensure that the manufacturing process is timely, reliable, and repeatable. For more information on our metal fabrication services, or to request a free quote, please contact Rother Machine at 651-437-2423.