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Complete Design and Engineering Services, Fabrication, Assembly & Industrial Controls.


Since 1970, Rother Machine has designed and built specialty equipment and machines to fill our customers specific and unique needs.

We pride ourselves in making

our customers job easier by

taking their project from

concept to completion.

Machine Design Services

At Rother Machine, we offer customized machinery and design services for customers from any industry. We are there every step of the way from concept and design to fabrication and final assembly. Our full process includes customized design, controls, hydraulics, pneumatics and all the necessary documentation along the way. We think like our clients in order to provide them with useful and quality products to meet their ever-changing needs.


With over 45 years of experience, Rother Machine is qualified to manufacture various kinds of custom machinery. Using Solid Works or Inventer Software, our team will bring your basic idea roaring to life. After designing the perfect piece of equipment or machinery, your idea will then move to fabrication and on to final assembly before you are presented with a unique and complete product that is specific to your needs. We offer machine manufacturing to the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington and surrounding areas.

Value Added

Rother Machine has the ability to create a full automated system from only a basic idea or to change, upgrade or repair a system that is already in existence. There are no limits to the results we can achieve through machine design. Minneapolis and the surrounding area is constantly growing and improving. With growth comes more businesses and more projects. Rother Machine is available to ease the burden of our clients by assisting as much or as little as needed toward the success of their projects.

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