Tailor-Made Jigs and Fixtures

Jig and Fixtures – drilling and tooling parts for fellow craftsmen


Expertly-manufactured Jjig and fixture equipment simplifies everything from drilling, to milling, to woodworking. With Rother Machine, at the helm, you’ll enjoy the ease-of-use and peace of mind a reliable, 100% customized piece of machinery can bring. From start to finish, we’ll use our designing and manufacturing skills to make your vision a reality.

Our Capabilities

Rother Machine is your single source for high quality, fully customized jigs and fixtures. We employ our industry knowledge and arsenal of state-of-the-art tools to deliver workable solutions, based on our Minneapolis customers’ individual standards. Some of our jig and fixture fabrication capabilities include:


  • Pneumatic Valve Tester
  • Aluminum Casting Leak Tester
  • Adhesive Applicators
  • Pneumatic PVC Coupling Sizers
  • 2-Station Vacuum Loader
  • Pneumatic Assembly Fixture

Results-Driven Professionals

We understand each of our customers’ specifications is unique. Using Solid Works or Inventor Software, we’ll assist you with mapping out every detail of your customized machine. Regardless of how complex our customers’ machine equipment needs may be, we’ve got what it takes to design and build first-rate jig and fixture solutions. From mechanical design and pneumatics, to controls and repairs, we’re prepared to oversee all stages of the development and completion process.

Intuitive Finalized Pieces

Since our doors opened in 1970, we’ve focused our attentions on serving manufacturing companies within multiple sectors. Our vast industry knowledge has provided us with insight into the needs of different industry professionals. We take pride in our ability to take our customers’ complex needs, and translate them into simplified, practical pieces of machinery.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your machining needs. If you have questions or would like a quote for services, complete and send the message form below. We appreciate your interest.