Building Automated Systems and Services with Rother Machine

Ever since our beginnings in 1971, Rother Machine has manufactured exceptional quality custom machinery. Our customers around the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul trust our dedication and capabilities to work with them to develop custom manufactured automated solutions that are designed to provide outstanding results. Through our know-how and experience, we are able to tailor the automated machine systems and products we produce for a wide range of industry applications.


Practical, State-of-the-Art Solutions

Rother Machine has a full complement of knowledge and resources to design and manufacture an extensive array of automated systems. Minneapolis & St. Paul customers benefit from our extensive experience in design and implementation of control systems across many industries.


Rother’s automated systems capabilities include machine vision systems, robotics integration, and control systems for numerous processes and industries. This includes everything from initial concept to final construction of a customized, workable machine solution. Past projects include a cylinder liner crushing machine, automated PLC control and assembly station, paper sheet handling, reciprocating multi station bead blaster, extrusion line hot stamp tape applicator, and robotic route and drill with feed conveyor.


Customized Machinery

At Rother Machine, we focus on designing and manufacturing customized, automated systems for our customers. Regardless of your specific standards and requirements, we have the ability to fulfill them through our unmatched industry expertise and customer service. We are your premier choice for the development of tailored equipment and machines that include electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, automated machines, weldments, fixtures and jigs, controls, and specialty equipment.


We’re excited to learn about your specific automated machine system requirements.


To learn how we can help you with your customized machinery needs, call us today at 651.437.2423 or complete our contact form.