Minnesota’s Premier Machine Designers

At Rother Machine, custom machine design is at the core of what we do. We support our customers’ machine design needs from initial concept and development on the way to fabrication and final manufacturing and assembly. Customers across a wide range of industries rely on our custom design process to cover controls, pneumatics, hydraulics, manual elements, and much more!

Our Machine Design Capabilities

With nearly 5 decades of experience, we’re qualified to manufacture a wide range of custom machinery solutions. We use Inventor and Solidworks Software to transform your initial idea to reality. After designing your equipment, the design is taken to fabrication, and then final assembly.

We can develop a fully automated system from a simple concept, or we can modify, repair, or upgrade an existing system.

Commitment to Service

Regardless of whether you need a complete system or a small machine, our team at Rother Machine has the tools and experience to meet your requirements. We serve a range of different industries, including automotive, electrical, packaging, paper and plastics, food, technology, and medical.

At Rother Machine, our industrial machine design services will deliver outstanding results time and time again. We serve the twin cities metro of Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas and are proud to contribute to the growth in this area.

If you are interested in receiving a machine design service quote, or if you have any questions about how our engineering, machine design, and manufacturing process can work on your behalf, please let us know. Give us a call today at 651.437.2423 to discuss your requirements or use our contact form to send us a message.

Building Automated Systems and Services with Rother Machine

Ever since our beginnings in 1971, Rother Machine has manufactured exceptional quality custom machinery. Our customers around the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul trust our dedication and capabilities to work with them to develop custom manufactured automated solutions that are designed to provide outstanding results. Through our know-how and experience, we are able to tailor the automated machine systems and products we produce for a wide range of industry applications.


Practical, State-of-the-Art Solutions

Rother Machine has a full complement of knowledge and resources to design and manufacture an extensive array of automated systems. Minneapolis & St. Paul customers benefit from our extensive experience in design and implementation of control systems across many industries.


Rother’s automated systems capabilities include machine vision systems, robotics integration, and control systems for numerous processes and industries. This includes everything from initial concept to final construction of a customized, workable machine solution. Past projects include a cylinder liner crushing machine, automated PLC control and assembly station, paper sheet handling, reciprocating multi station bead blaster, extrusion line hot stamp tape applicator, and robotic route and drill with feed conveyor.


Customized Machinery

At Rother Machine, we focus on designing and manufacturing customized, automated systems for our customers. Regardless of your specific standards and requirements, we have the ability to fulfill them through our unmatched industry expertise and customer service. We are your premier choice for the development of tailored equipment and machines that include electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, automated machines, weldments, fixtures and jigs, controls, and specialty equipment.


We’re excited to learn about your specific automated machine system requirements.


To learn how we can help you with your customized machinery needs, call us today at 651.437.2423 or complete our contact form.

Custom Fabrication: Producing Distinctive Components

Fabrication (Fab) is an essential ingredient for today’s manufacturing concerns. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we employ diverse technology to produce everyday components for a variety of industries. Custom metal fabrication is one means through which we can produce high quality and specialized parts for manufacturing concerns.


What Is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Fab is the bending, shaping, twisting or otherwise forcing of a material into a desired shape. While some firms use plastic to create molds and, therefore, parts, machine shops and other fabricators produce their parts out of metal. They cut, bend, mold, weld and shape the metal until it conforms to the desired form. Custom fabricators employ the same methods. However, the product they choose to produce is a request for something that does not already exist in their standard or stock products.


Custom fabricators produce distinctive products. They may also only provide the manufacturing company with a prototype, which other fabricators may then run off in production. Custom fabricators can become involved in the project at one of several stages. This includes:


  • Helping to design the part: A shop may work in conjunction with the customer to produce the design. They may offer suggestions based on their experience in fabricating
  • Prototype production: The fabricator will then work with other specialists in his or her shop to produce a single prototype for consideration by the customer
  • Running off the finished and accepted prototype: fabricators will then oversee and/or handle the production of the prototype in a long or short run


Custom Metal Fabrication

Companies that require specific designs or unique components turn to those who specialize in this area. They require a shop that understands how to do everything from design to fabrication to assembly. When it comes to producing a unique and distinctive component, our Minneapolis fabrication shop can truly deliver.


Machine Repair and Maintenance

If you have large pieces of equipment, eventually, you will have to arrange for repairs and replacements. In fact, no matter how small or large your machine may be, or how durable, this state of affairs is inevitable. However, there are ways you and your company can reduce these encounters.


Machine Repair: The Key Word Is Maintenance


At Rother Machines in Minneapolis, we can repair your machine. Although, it is also important to adapt a regime of regular maintenance for your machines. Consider the following:

  • Training: Good machine maintenance begins with trained operators. They understand how the machine functions and can notice when things are not operating properly. Make sure you train your operators regularly and comprehensively to recognize the early signs of problems.
  • Lubricate: Make sure the right lubricants are applied wherever friction occurs between moving parts. Have all involved employees understand the need for testing for any indication of problems including excess grease or oil build-up or leaks around seals.
  • Wear and Tear: Machine repair often is the result of wear and tear caused by friction, vibration, temperatures and age. Check to reduce the instances by making sure proper lubrication, correct operation techniques are part of the maintenance routines.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your machinery clean and free from all possible contamination.
  • Maintain and Record Regularly: Check the fluid, tires and electrical systems. Keep detailed records of such examinations. Operators and maintenance personnel must always know when and what to check.


At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we know the need to reduce machine repair is maintenance. By carefully instituting such a regime, you can cut down on the need for repairs and replacements. Although, when the time does come that you need your machine repaired, call us to learn more about our wide range of machine repair services.


Welding Joints

At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we are experts in many processes concerning equipment development and fabrication, including welding. This simple process of joining two or more pieces of metal together dates back to the middle ages. Although, the technology has altered the method – making it more efficient for companies and safer for employees, the basics remain the same; this is also true when you are creating joints. Heat and pressure combine to produce smooth and durable unions.


Welding joints are the terms describing the edge or point where the two or more materials meet and are joined. Welding creates the unification of the metals. The American Welding Society establishes the classifications under which the joints fall. These are:


  • Butt Joint/Square Groove: This is the most common and economically viable classification. It is easy to employ and regularly used for joining pipes. A width restriction of 3/16” exists.
  • Corner Joint: This technique connects two pieces to create a corner. It is used most frequently in the sheet metal industry.
  • Edge Joint: This is a groove weld type of edge joint used in specific situations of sheet metal e.g. flanging up
  • Lap Joint: When two pieces atop and overlap each other, this allows welding on one or both sides and is a technique to join material that has different thicknesses
  • Tee Joint: The name describes this fillet type of joint welding
    A fabrication shop such as ours in Minneapolis can successfully perform the required joint welds for you customized or standard project.


Welding Joints in Minneapolis

Welding requires skill and attention to detail. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we fully understand your needs, requirements, and specifications. We can deliver the weld joints and other welding services you need for a successful, high-quality component.


Machine Manufacturing: From Design Concept To Completion

Manufacturing requires a company to produce its products swiftly and accurately. Preciseness is aligned to the constraints of the client and/or consumers. To ensure the items leave the production line intact and as demanded, manufacturers need to have the right equipment. They have to have reliable, durable, precise machinery. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we provide them with the right solutions. Our machine manufacturing capabilities go beyond basic replication.


Specialized Machinery

Our staff does more than produce the right components to make your machinery function optimally. They work with you to create a piece of equipment or entire machine that meets your products’ specifications. At Rother Machine, Minneapolis, we specialize in producing machinery to address the concerns, issues or demands of a specific product and/or company. We help the idea move from concept to completion.

It begins with a design. You can create the original or can work with our skilled design team to produce one. When the initial stage is complete, we can then produce a prototype. After any needed adjustments, we can start production.


Why Choose Specialized Machine Manufacturing

When you opt for a specialized or customized machine, your company will benefit from certain advantages. For example, the machine meets the specifications of the company and its products. Others include:


  • A unique, customized machine
  • A high-quality, durable product
  • Increased productivity
  • A result that falls within the budget and is cost-effective


By working with Rother Machine, your company establishes a relationship that will be beneficial to all involved.


Machine Manufacturing

If you want to improve productivity, upgrade your equipment and provide your employees with customized, durable solutions to many operational problems, talk to our staff. At Rother Machine, we are always willing to work with you to produce high-quality and cost-effective machinery. As a reputable specialized machine manufacturing company, we will partner with you to ensure you obtain long-term value from your investment and our skills.


Steps in Developing an Automated System for Our Minneapolis Customers

At Rother Machine, we have over half a century of experience working with customers in the Minneapolis area. This experience and expertise, as well as the opportunity to work with clients in a wide range of industries, gives us a solid background and the ability to think into the future for creative solutions to manufacturing, fabrication, and production problems.

One of the big trends across the world is to move from manual or semi-automatic to fully automated systems in many different industries. This move to automation opens a lot of opportunities for our customers, but it also leaves them with the need for customized equipment to integrate with their existing lines and production systems.



The Process

When new or existing customers come into Rother Machine with an idea for new automated systems, we start by working directly with them to understand the full concept for the automated equipment. We do this with a team approach, which guarantees the systems we design and fabricate are always to the exact specifications our customers know to expect from our team of professionals.


This understanding is important as it provides our engineers with the information they need to assist in creating just the customized system needed to perform to the unique and individual expectations of each customer.


Fitting Your Needs

In this way, we are creating equipment to fit your needs, not making equipment that requires modifications to your existing systems. It also ensures that we can make the recommendations to help to manage the costs of production to your budget without missing any essential or additional features our customer’s request.


Once the design is approved, we will begin the fabrication and assembly process. We can provide all aspects of fabrication, and we also specialize in industrial controls, meaning we can fully fabricate automated systems, so they are ready for installation and immediate use in your Minneapolis business.

Investing in Machine Equipment and Technology Advances

No matter how good the average machine shop appears, it is truly only as good as the machinery and technicians it has. When your company is looking for a shop to help produce the machine equipment components it requires, it is important to look at what the machine shop has to offer. Consider its facilities as more than what it proposes to offer. Look at it in terms of both its technology and innovative equipment.


Do the Research

As a customer, you need to be informed. If your company wishes to excel, it needs to ensure the required machine equipment parts are manufactured by high-quality equipment. This requires researching the machine shop to discover the types of software and hardware it uses and whether its capabilities match your specifications.

Companies should know exactly what the machine shop operates to produce what you require at any stage:


  • Prototypes: What equipment and software operate the equipment to design and produce prototypes? Does it do so onsite?
  • Production Run: Does the company have precision equipment? Has it invested in the latest CNC technology? What about Wire EDM and manual machining?
  • Assembly: Does the company provide assembling of the products? If so in what facilities e.g. cleanroom for certain medical assembly


Smart machine shops invest in technology that will help to increase their productivity levels while adhering to the demand for high tolerances. At the same time, they will not neglect manual equipment. In certain instances, manual precision will provide the most viable and affordable option.


Machine Equipment

To produce machine equipment components requires high-quality equipment and software. At Rother Machine, we have the mechanical capability combined with diverse equipment to provide high quality, engineering, welding, and fabrication. Our dedication to detail and precision ensures the products that emerge in Bloomington and Minneapolis consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Machine Shop

Industries require quality parts to keep their production lines rolling. Aerospace, medical and defense companies often strive to find a machine shop capable of delivering high-quality components quickly, reliably, and at a competitive price. Before signing a contract with the shop, make sure it offers exactly what your industry needs to help it succeed. Do your due diligence, ask the right questions, and talk to their clients to see if they can deliver.


What to Consider

You know what your Minneapolis company requires to help produce quality goods at a reasonable price. When you start contacting machine shops, make sure they possess the knowledge, skill, and expertise you need. Consider the following factors:


  • Capabilities: Does the shop specialize in the operations required? If so, is it in the type of machining processes your components specify? If it is a one-stop machine shop, does it have demonstrative expertise in these areas?
  • Equipment: Does the company show indications they are investing in the latest technology and innovative processes? This includes software as well as hardware.
  • Certifications: Does the shop have certifications and other forms of licenses required to meet your standards? e.g. AS9100 and IS0 9001 standards?
  • Ensure Perfect Quality: Medical, aerospace, and defense industrial concerns require consistency. They need “perfect quality” every time. Does your company require the same exacting tolerances?
  • Communication: It is imperative you, your team and the shop can clearly communicate to and with each other using different media.


Rother Machine Shop: Above the Grade

At Rother Machine, our staff, equipment, facilities and attitude pass the test consistently and repeatedly. For more than 45 years, our skilled team of experienced machinists and engineers has helped our customers develop their design from concept to assembly. If you are looking for a machine shop in Minneapolis that provides capacity, engineering excellence, quality, and experience, contact us.