Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Machine Shop

Industries require quality parts to keep their production lines rolling. Aerospace, medical and defense companies often strive to find a machine shop capable of delivering high-quality components quickly, reliably, and at a competitive price. Before signing a contract with the shop, make sure it offers exactly what your industry needs to help it succeed. Do your due diligence, ask the right questions, and talk to their clients to see if they can deliver.


What to Consider

You know what your Minneapolis company requires to help produce quality goods at a reasonable price. When you start contacting machine shops, make sure they possess the knowledge, skill, and expertise you need. Consider the following factors:


  • Capabilities: Does the shop specialize in the operations required? If so, is it in the type of machining processes your components specify? If it is a one-stop machine shop, does it have demonstrative expertise in these areas?
  • Equipment: Does the company show indications they are investing in the latest technology and innovative processes? This includes software as well as hardware.
  • Certifications: Does the shop have certifications and other forms of licenses required to meet your standards? e.g. AS9100 and IS0 9001 standards?
  • Ensure Perfect Quality: Medical, aerospace, and defense industrial concerns require consistency. They need “perfect quality” every time. Does your company require the same exacting tolerances?
  • Communication: It is imperative you, your team and the shop can clearly communicate to and with each other using different media.


Rother Machine Shop: Above the Grade

At Rother Machine, our staff, equipment, facilities and attitude pass the test consistently and repeatedly. For more than 45 years, our skilled team of experienced machinists and engineers has helped our customers develop their design from concept to assembly. If you are looking for a machine shop in Minneapolis that provides capacity, engineering excellence, quality, and experience, contact us.