Welding Joints

At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we are experts in many processes concerning equipment development and fabrication, including welding. This simple process of joining two or more pieces of metal together dates back to the middle ages. Although, the technology has altered the method – making it more efficient for companies and safer for employees, the basics remain the same; this is also true when you are creating joints. Heat and pressure combine to produce smooth and durable unions.


Welding joints are the terms describing the edge or point where the two or more materials meet and are joined. Welding creates the unification of the metals. The American Welding Society establishes the classifications under which the joints fall. These are:


  • Butt Joint/Square Groove: This is the most common and economically viable classification. It is easy to employ and regularly used for joining pipes. A width restriction of 3/16” exists.
  • Corner Joint: This technique connects two pieces to create a corner. It is used most frequently in the sheet metal industry.
  • Edge Joint: This is a groove weld type of edge joint used in specific situations of sheet metal e.g. flanging up
  • Lap Joint: When two pieces atop and overlap each other, this allows welding on one or both sides and is a technique to join material that has different thicknesses
  • Tee Joint: The name describes this fillet type of joint welding
    A fabrication shop such as ours in Minneapolis can successfully perform the required joint welds for you customized or standard project.


Welding Joints in Minneapolis

Welding requires skill and attention to detail. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we fully understand your needs, requirements, and specifications. We can deliver the weld joints and other welding services you need for a successful, high-quality component.