Custom Fabrication: Producing Distinctive Components

Fabrication (Fab) is an essential ingredient for today’s manufacturing concerns. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we employ diverse technology to produce everyday components for a variety of industries. Custom metal fabrication is one means through which we can produce high quality and specialized parts for manufacturing concerns.


What Is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Fab is the bending, shaping, twisting or otherwise forcing of a material into a desired shape. While some firms use plastic to create molds and, therefore, parts, machine shops and other fabricators produce their parts out of metal. They cut, bend, mold, weld and shape the metal until it conforms to the desired form. Custom fabricators employ the same methods. However, the product they choose to produce is a request for something that does not already exist in their standard or stock products.


Custom fabricators produce distinctive products. They may also only provide the manufacturing company with a prototype, which other fabricators may then run off in production. Custom fabricators can become involved in the project at one of several stages. This includes:


  • Helping to design the part: A shop may work in conjunction with the customer to produce the design. They may offer suggestions based on their experience in fabricating
  • Prototype production: The fabricator will then work with other specialists in his or her shop to produce a single prototype for consideration by the customer
  • Running off the finished and accepted prototype: fabricators will then oversee and/or handle the production of the prototype in a long or short run


Custom Metal Fabrication

Companies that require specific designs or unique components turn to those who specialize in this area. They require a shop that understands how to do everything from design to fabrication to assembly. When it comes to producing a unique and distinctive component, our Minneapolis fabrication shop can truly deliver.