Steps in Developing an Automated System for Our Minneapolis Customers

At Rother Machine, we have over half a century of experience working with customers in the Minneapolis area. This experience and expertise, as well as the opportunity to work with clients in a wide range of industries, gives us a solid background and the ability to think into the future for creative solutions to manufacturing, fabrication, and production problems.

One of the big trends across the world is to move from manual or semi-automatic to fully automated systems in many different industries. This move to automation opens a lot of opportunities for our customers, but it also leaves them with the need for customized equipment to integrate with their existing lines and production systems.



The Process

When new or existing customers come into Rother Machine with an idea for new automated systems, we start by working directly with them to understand the full concept for the automated equipment. We do this with a team approach, which guarantees the systems we design and fabricate are always to the exact specifications our customers know to expect from our team of professionals.


This understanding is important as it provides our engineers with the information they need to assist in creating just the customized system needed to perform to the unique and individual expectations of each customer.


Fitting Your Needs

In this way, we are creating equipment to fit your needs, not making equipment that requires modifications to your existing systems. It also ensures that we can make the recommendations to help to manage the costs of production to your budget without missing any essential or additional features our customer’s request.


Once the design is approved, we will begin the fabrication and assembly process. We can provide all aspects of fabrication, and we also specialize in industrial controls, meaning we can fully fabricate automated systems, so they are ready for installation and immediate use in your Minneapolis business.