Investing in Machine Equipment and Technology Advances

No matter how good the average machine shop appears, it is truly only as good as the machinery and technicians it has. When your company is looking for a shop to help produce the machine equipment components it requires, it is important to look at what the machine shop has to offer. Consider its facilities as more than what it proposes to offer. Look at it in terms of both its technology and innovative equipment.


Do the Research

As a customer, you need to be informed. If your company wishes to excel, it needs to ensure the required machine equipment parts are manufactured by high-quality equipment. This requires researching the machine shop to discover the types of software and hardware it uses and whether its capabilities match your specifications.

Companies should know exactly what the machine shop operates to produce what you require at any stage:


  • Prototypes: What equipment and software operate the equipment to design and produce prototypes? Does it do so onsite?
  • Production Run: Does the company have precision equipment? Has it invested in the latest CNC technology? What about Wire EDM and manual machining?
  • Assembly: Does the company provide assembling of the products? If so in what facilities e.g. cleanroom for certain medical assembly


Smart machine shops invest in technology that will help to increase their productivity levels while adhering to the demand for high tolerances. At the same time, they will not neglect manual equipment. In certain instances, manual precision will provide the most viable and affordable option.


Machine Equipment

To produce machine equipment components requires high-quality equipment and software. At Rother Machine, we have the mechanical capability combined with diverse equipment to provide high quality, engineering, welding, and fabrication. Our dedication to detail and precision ensures the products that emerge in Bloomington and Minneapolis consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.