A Viable Solution for Market Differentiation: The Specialty Machine

If you operate a small facility or a large OEM, you are continually looking for a way to give your company an edge. While, for some, increased standardized production is the best method, others find what they need is a unique approach. They want a different way to market their company or seek a means of breaking into a special market they have not yet had the opportunity to explore. For them, achieving this requires innovative equipment – a specialty machine. Rother Machine in Minneapolis can help.


Specialty Machines

Specialty machines require a custom machining and fabrication company. They require a shop with the capability to work with your team to produce a product that not only reflects the idealized design but also is also functional. A specialty machine can range from a custom-built special operation PLC lathe to a four-station sheet metal press. At Rother Machine, our Minneapolis professionals have worked with a variety of companies to produce not only the above equipment but also:


  • Blow Molded Tank Router – Fabrication Equipment
  • Clam Shell Molding Press
  • Fly Knife Cutter
  • Metal Detector (Food Industry)
  • Multi-Station Part Separator (Tumbler)
  • PLC Controlled Drill & Ream Machine
  • Robotic Tank Router
  • Rotating Cooling Station
  • Sheet Metal Forming Press
  • Two-Station Drilling and Tapping Unit – PLC Controlled


We are if nothing else, diverse and adept in our customization and specialization of equipment and machinery.


The Specialty Machine

If you are looking for a means of standing out in today’s competitive marketplace, consider producing something unique to your shop or outside of your regular markets. If you decide to adopt this approach, you will need the equipment to do so. Contact the experienced professionals at Rother Machine in Minneapolis. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise to produce a specialty machine capable of addressing all your specifications. Our technicians will work with you from ideation to fabrication and assembly to provide you with the best equipment possible. To learn more, call 651-437-2423.