Essential Tips For Effective Machine Design In Minneapolis

Top companies in Minneapolis that specialize in the design and development of automated custom equipment and machines work with a range of different types of companies. Often these companies that are struggling to use current equipment on the market within the production, manufacturing or fabrication process.


By choosing to work with our team at Rother Machine, we can assist with both the design as well as the development of the custom equipment. The design and engineering team will work on the design elements with a complete understanding of the best processes available to reduce the cost of production while also providing a durable, effective and optimal finished product.


There are some basics of machine design that any top engineering and design team will use. These need to be considered at the concept stage and will have a significant impact on the design process.


Functional Factors

One of the most common mistakes made in machine design, particularly for those without training and experiences, is to try to make the machine more complicated than it needs to be. By simplifying the design, it is easier to manufacture, has a lower cost of production and also offers a system that is more functional and practical.


The more complex a machine is, regardless of automation or manual operation, the higher the level of maintenance will be on the system. Additionally, there is a greater risk of downtime, particularly if the custom manufacturing of replacement parts becomes an issue to consider.


Life Cycle

All choices and considerations in machine design should be geared towards extending the life cycle of the equipment. The longer it will operate, the greater the return on investment for the company.


Understanding the various forces that will be a factor in the operation of the machine will always be a central issue at Rother Machine in designing equipment that can withstand the working conditions of your facility.


To find out more about our custom design process for manufacturing companies in Minneapolis, talk to the experts at 651-437-2423.