Jigs and Fixtures: Components for Success.

For any manufacturing operation to be successful, it must produce its products effortlessly and efficiently. Building and testing are two components of this process. In order for companies to reach their goals in any step of manufacturing, they require certain parts to guide and/or hold the equipment. At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we design and produce the devices that perform these tasks – jigs and fixtures.


What Are Jigs and Fixtures?

While many refer to this duo in a single phrase, they are actually two separate components with different purposes. While both help in the construction and testing of products, each has a specific task. Fixtures hold a workpiece or may also locate or test it during the manufacturing process. Jigs, on the other hand, are there to hold and guide the various cutting tools. They perform this function for such actions as drilling, tapping, reaming, and boring. Unlike fixtures, jigs are not “fixed” i.e. bolted or clamped, to the worktable.



The two devices are intended to complement each other. When they function in harmony, they produce/replicate and assemble large numbers of components. They also are capable of providing the manufacturer with diverse benefits. These include:


  • Minimizing production costs
  • Increasing production rate
  • Higher replication and tolerance accuracy
  • Maintaining consistent quality
  • Reduction in cycle times
  • Easy machining of intricate or complex parts
  • Interchangeability


At Rother Machine in Minneapolis, we produce durable, quality jigs and fixtures.


Jigs and Fixtures

At Rother Machine, our experienced and highly trained staff works with its arsenal of the latest technology and equipment to ensure you receive the functional, high-quality solutions you require. By adhering to your exact specifications, we can work with you to design and produce standard and customized jigs and fixtures. We can proudly say our customer base in Minneapolis and the surrounding regions recognize us for our result-driven practices. From high standards and precise replication to swift delivery services, our company offers it all. To learn more call us today, 651-437-2423.