Metal Fabrication Shops: Available Processes

If you operate any type of manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, chances are you need a reputable machine and fabrication (Fab) shop to handle the production and/or finishing of certain components. At Rother Machine, we have all the ingredients necessary to help you make your current project a successful one. From the use of talented engineers to produce a functional prototype to the production of standard products, we have the technology and the skill to address the requirements of your company and the specifications of the project.


Technology and Process

Technology is often the answer to many production problems. At Rother, our skilled staff draws upon a diverse array of technical equipment to help you find the best option. Customization is a classic example of our inventive and unique approach to finding the solution to an intriguing problem. However, whether it is the simplest or complex of components, our team adopts a logical and progressive approach. It starts with the engineering drawings and specs. You can supply them in completed mode, or we can work with you to create them.


The design phase marks the beginning of a crucial stage of the development of any project. Collaboration with the OEM or other customers is essential if our engineers hope to produce precise renditions. Our team in Minneapolis uses Solid Works or Autodesk (Inventor/Fusion) Software to produce a functional machine or component from your basic idea, quickly transitioning to the fabrication of a jig fixture or prototype.


Fabrication and Rother’s

From fabrication, our technological wizards will manually and/or automatically produce and even reproduce your concept. The intent is to use our technology to realize your “paper” design in solid form. At Rother’s our crew of dedicated individuals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your product not only looks like your design but also performs as you intend it to.


In Minneapolis, Rother Machine offers fabrication services for any purpose and for any industry. Contact the professionals at Rother Machine, or call us at 651-437-2423.