The Benefits Of Extrusion Tooling For Minneapolis Companies

There are many different ways that parts and components can be formed out of various types of metals and alloys. For some of the specialized parts and components, we design for custom machinery and production equipment, the choice of forming, machining and welding may be the ideal solution.


However, for very precise types of parts and components, we may recommend the use of extrusion tooling. There are several advantages that this option provides that can benefit any Minneapolis company that is in need of custom machinery for their manufacturing and processing lines.


Speed of Die Development

The process of extrusion tooling starts with designing a specialized die that will allow the desired shape to be produced through the process. There are different styles of dies that can be used including solid, hollow or semi-hollow. Depending on the final desired profile of the part or component, one of these three options will be the best choice.


The die can be created through computer programs and then developed through the use of precision machining technology such as Wire EDM. There are several components to a die, all which are designed to create identical, uniform parts and components. Our die will be designed and produced to the tolerances required for the specific application, providing the ideal part or component for the machine.


Once the die is produced, the extrusion tooling process can begin. Our designs of dies will ensure all aspects of the component have been considered, including the wall thicknesses, dimensional tolerances, and industry standards.


With our experience in the process, we can produce custom, precision parts that require a short lead time from concept to development. As this is done in-house, we also can assure full quality control for small jobs to larger volume orders to use for a full manufacturing and processing system in a Minneapolis facility.


If you have any questions about our services or if you have an idea for custom equipment and machines for your business, call us today at 651-437-2423.