What is a Machine Vision System?

At Rother Machine, our design and manufacturing services include the development of specialized machines and prototypes, beginning from initial concept and ending with final completion. Our industry partnerships enable us to deliver exceptional benefits and value to our customers in the state of Minnesota and beyond. A unique specialization in our services is the machine vision system.


The ability of a computer to “see” is often referred to as machine vision, while the technology involves a computer digitizing an image, processing the data from the image, and performing actions as a result is often referred to as computer vision.


Machine Vision Systems

Computer hardware and software used by machine vision systems utilize digital sensors inside industrial cameras that obtain images through state-of-the-art optic technology. Through this technology, various features of these images are analyzed, processed, and measured for decision making purposes. At Rother Machine, we offer these systems for various manufacturing requirements. We have the professional team, resources, know-how, and experience to provide exceptional services on your behalf related to machine vision system requirements.


Inspection Processes

Machine vision combines computer vision with industrial manufacturing processes. Computer vision is focused mainly with image processing. Machine vision, on the other hand, makes use of digital input and output to manage mechanical components. Devices utilizing machine vision are part of a product inspection process in which tasks traditionally handled by humans are instead handled by automated vision technology, such as digital cameras.


Industrial and Medical Applications

Beyond uses for product inspection, other applications are served by machine vision systems. These include visual stock control and management, store interfaces, reading, and barcode counting requirements. They also operate with automated robotic arms and are used within large-scale industrial product operations in order to evaluate items in various production stages. Medical imaging and examination procedures also make use of machine vision systems. These systems are also used in the food and beverage industry to monitor quality.


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