What is Jig and Fixture Design?

Utilizing a custom jig or fixture for your next project can have so many benefits – including simplifying the processes such as machining, welding, and assembly. At Rother Machine, we can help you take advantage of the benefits of fully customized pieces of machinery. From beginning to end, we can work to help bring your design vision to reality through our design and manufacturing skills related to jigs and fixtures. Minneapolis, Bloomington, and St. Paul customers benefit every day from our expert capabilities.


Our Services

At Rother Machine, we have been the premier source for exceptional quality, completely customized jigs and fixtures for more than 45 years. We use our industry knowledge and powerful tools to provide workable solutions on your behalf. Examples of the jig and fixture fabrication capabilities we offer include:

  • Aluminum Casting Leak Tester
  • 2-Station Vacuum Loader
  • Pneumatic Valve Tester
  • Pneumatic Assembly Fixture
  • Pneumatic PVC Coupling Sizer’s
  • Adhesive Applicators


Delivering Results

We understand that our customers have individual needs and unique specifications. We can utilize Inventor or SolidWorks software to map out the details of your customized machinery. Regardless of the complexity involved with your equipment requirements, we understand the design and manufacturing process required to produce premier quality jig and fixture solutions. Our experts will handle everything from mechanical design and pneumatics to machining and controls. We manage the entire development process from preliminary design to full completion.


Producing Practical, High-Quality Machinery

Since we began operations in 1970, we have focused our attention and efforts on providing manufacturing companies within numerous sectors the quality machinery they need. This enables us to provide the insight necessary to fulfill the needs of various industry professionals. We translate our customers’ complex requirements into practical and simplified pieces of machinery.

At Rother Machine, we have the capabilities to meet your specific requirements for the design of jigs and fixtures. We serve a variety of different industries, including medical, packaging, technology, automotive, plastics and paper, electrical, and food.

To learn how we can serve your specific jig and fixture design requirements, call us today at 651.437.2423 or fill out our contact form.